PAYE Tax Codes

7th March 2012


HMRC are issuing PAYE tax codes for 2012/13. These new coding notices, which are due to be issued between January and March 2012, will be used against employees pay from April 2012 onwards. It is important that these coding notices are checked carefully as an incorrect code will result in too little or too much tax being deducted from pay or pension payments.

If you are unsure that your coding notice is correct and would like some further guidance please do get in touch.

Good news for many

The majority of taxpayers will see an increase in their tax code as the personal allowance for those under 65 increases from £7,475 to £8,105.

Those individuals with simple tax affairs (just one employer with no reliefs or benefits or tax underpayments brought forward) will generally not receive a coding notice. Their current coding of 747L will be automatically uplifted to 810L following general instructions to employers.

Although the personal allowance is increasing, the point at which taxpayers start to pay the higher rate of 40% tax on their taxable income is decreasing (from £35,000 to £34,370). This means that basic or higher rate taxpayer will generally benefit from the same tax saving of £126.

The withdrawal of the personal allowance for those with income over £100,000 income limit applies for 2012/13. The reduction in the personal allowance is by £1 for every £2 of adjusted net income above the income limit. Adjusted net income for these purposes is broadly all income after adjustment for pension payments, charitable giving and relief for losses. Individuals with adjusted net income of at least £116,210 will not be entitled to a personal allowance for 2012/13.

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Posted – 07/03/2012