RTI and Annual Schemes

6th August 2013


HMRC have received a number of requests since April 2013 from employers, asking for the status of their PAYE schemes to be changed to ‘annual’ which is only an option where employees are only paid once a year.

Unfortunately, until the end of July, HMRC were unable to process requests from employers to:

HMRC have now announced that it has developed a ‘fix’ to this issue and will now accept all requests that have been received to move onto an annual scheme (where the qualifying criteria is met). This will happen automatically and we understand that there will be no communication with employers to advise that this has now happened.

Employers will therefore need to be aware that if they have previously requested to move onto an annual scheme then, effective immediately, they will now be on the annual scheme.  As a result there will no longer be a need a send in a ‘nil’ Employer Payment Summary by the 19th of each month.

Internet link: HMRC What’s New

Posted – 06/08/2013