Self Assessment Late Filing Penalties

8th January 2018


Taxpayers who have to file a Self Assessment Tax Return for the tax year ended 5 April 2017 should ensure that they do so by 31 January 2018.  Failure to do so will result in late filing penalties being charged by HMRC and once charged these will not be cancelled unless you have a reasonable excuse for filing your Tax Return late.

How much are the late filing penalties if I file my Tax Return late?

If you fail to file your Self Assessment Tax Return by 31 January 2018 there will be an automatic £100 late filing penalty charged.  Continued failure to file your Tax Return will result in further penalties becoming payable with the next important date being 1st  May 2018.  The penalties that could potentially be charged for late filing of your Tax Return are as follows:

Importantly, these penalties are payable irrespective of the actual tax liability arising for the year in question, even where there is no tax due or all tax was paid at the correct time.

Is there a maximum late filing penalty?

If your Tax Return is more than 12 months late then there is likely to be a minimum late filing penalty charged of £1,600, potentially higher if the tax geared penalties kick in based upon the tax liability due for the year.  Once these penalties are charged they cannot be cancelled unless you make a successful appeal.  An appeal will only be successful if HMRC accept that you have a reasonable excuse for failing to file your Tax Return by the deadline.

What happens if I haven’t paid my tax by the 31 January deadline?

Regardless of whether or not you have filed your Self Assessment Tax Return by 31 January 2018 any tax payable for that year must also be paid by the same date.  If the tax is not paid on time then there are potentially additional late payment penalties chargeable.  the exact amount charged will depend upon when the tax is ultimately paid but the important dates are as follows:

Need help to complete your Tax Return?

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