Spring Newsletter 2012

22nd March 2012


We have now published our Spring Newsletter on the Resources section of the website, we hope you find this of interest.

In ‘ER success’, we summarise the conditions that need to be met to benefit from Entrepreneurs’ Relief and the subsequent 10% tax rate where business assets are disposed of.  This is a key consideration for business owners particularly where there is the possibility of retirement or a business sale in the next few years.

Planned changes to tax credits continue to be a hot topic. To help you understand the latest position and to see if you or your family will be affected, we have included a summary of what lies ahead. Revisions are also proposed for small personal pension funds which may be good news for some, so read our article to see if you could benefit from the changes.

To help business owners HMRC have developed a range of ‘toolkits’ and whilst these are useful, our review of the ‘expenses and benefits from employment’ toolkit highlights some risk areas.

Our back cover article looks at changes to the capital allowances system for all businesses. It isn’t particularly good news so careful planning is needed to make sure you maximise the allowances available.  If you would like further information on the capital allowances system from 1 April 2012 please take a look at the factsheet published on the resources section of our website. 

Posted – 22/03/2012