Tips For Reconciling PAYE With HMRC Records

31st March 2014


HMRC have set out a few steps employers can take to eliminate some of the most common errors in reconciling their PAYE charge records with HMRC’s.

Employers are advised to:

•  allow enough time for HMRC’s Business Tax Dashboard to be updated for real time submissions or payments. A table showing the time lapse between when HMRC receives a submission and when the dashboard is updated can be found here;

•  check they have sent in all Employer Payment Summary (EPS) and Full Payment Submission (FPS) submissions for the month;

•  use an EPS to tell HMRC if they have no need to send in an FPS when no employees are paid;

•  ensure all FPS and EPS submissions include year-to-date figures;

•  when correcting payroll errors, check the date amendments are sent because any sent more than 14 days after the end of the tax month they relate to will be taken into account in the charge for the next tax month

•  confirm any EPS was submitted in time to be used in the month intended;

•  check that payments to HMRC match the amounts reported in the FPS and EPS submissions; and

•  check that all payments have been sent using the right Accounts Office reference number.

HMRC have also produced an RTI charge flow chart showing how they calculate the PAYE charge.

Links: HMRC

Posted – 31/03/2014