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Sage™ is a leading accounting software package, suitable for all types and size of business. Its main advantage is in allowing the user to easily record and monitor all book keeping procedures within their business. This allows for tighter control in running the company, saving time and money.

We are a member of the Sage™ Accountants Club, and as such can offer an extensive installation, training and support service for clients who purchase Sage software for use in their business. We are able to do this at our office, in our client’s office or remotely if the need arises. As a member of Sage™ Accountants Club we can often offer our clients a discount on the recommended retail price of Sage software if we approach Sage on our client’s behalf.

One of the key benefits of using Sage™ is that, if it is used effectively, it will provide you with up to date information at the touch of a button and will reduce the cost of annual accounts preparation.

Within our own business we use both Sage and IRIS software along with some of the smaller proprietary packages as we recognise that different businesses have different requirements in terms of their record-keeping and reporting.

Let's work together to improve your business.

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