Winter Newsletter 2022

Winter Newsletter 2022

Winter Newsletter 2022

Our latest newsletter provides an update on a range of topical issues:

Staff out of office? Rules under review
In lgiht of the move to hybrid or remote working over the past couple of years, the Office of Tax Simplification, as one of it's final tasks before the department is disbanded is to examine the tax rules as they apply to hybrid/remote working to ensure they are fit for purpose. 

Did claims comply with the furlough scheme?
HMRC now have a 1,100 strong task force reviewing furlough claims made over the covid pandemic under the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme as they look to ensure that all claims made were accurate and within the scheme rules.

Plastic Packaging Tax
If your business imports or manufactures plastic packaging components, or regularly trades with a business that does so, the Plastic Packaging Tax (PPT) needs to be on your radar.

Bye bye GDPR?
Expect change. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is getting a post-Brexit makeover as new data protection rules are planned.

When couples separate: capital gains tax change
Proposed extension of the period in which assets can be transferred between couples who are going through divorce proceedings.

VAT: terminating a contract early
When someone charges a customer to withdraw from an agreement to supply goods or services, the position can be complicated. What is the position as regards VAT – never a set of tax rules to take lightly? And why is it news now?

Accessing your business tax account
Multi-factor authentication on Government Gateway accounts, including the business tax account (BTA), means getting the access code pinged to your phone.

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